How to tell if it’s authentic

Ddrops Company holds patents worldwide and product integrity are held in high standards, in strict compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and hold NSF product certification. Consumers should carefully select the source from which they obtain Ddrops® products. Ddrops Company cannot validate the authenticity of a product based on a picture or any other descriptive information. Authentic Ddrops® products should be purchased directly from the Ddrops® website “buy now” button or purchased through approved retailers (see where to buy). Ddrops Company has a consistent pricing policy. Consumers should be cautious of offers from resellers that sell Ddrops® products at "very low discount prices".

Ddrops Company is pleased to announce a special program for authorized Ddrops® resellers. Click here to learn more.

What about international customers? We recommend international customers purchase Ddrops® from iHerb, a Ddrops® online retailer that ships internationally.