Being a new parent isn’t always easy. While trying to supplement their infants with vitamin D, the creators of Ddrops® quickly became very frustrated. The flavoured liquid was often spit out, and the artificial colours left stains on their clothes. After being unable to find any alternative products on the market, the idea of Baby Ddrops® was born.

The inventors of Ddrops® then searched to determine the best format, method and ingredients. Parents would be able to throw away the medicine droppers and measuring cups, because with Ddrops®, all you need is just one drop! Today, parents can easily administer just one drop of liquid vitamin D each and every time with no preservatives, common allergens, or artificial flavours. With no taste, it doesn’t interfere with feeding. What could be easier?

Our Ddrops® founders are also great listeners... “What about people who do not like swallowing pills and capsules?” When people started asking for the same simple liquid vitamin D in just one drop for older children and adults, they went back to the laboratory. Again, another way to make life a little easier; there are different strengths of Ddrops® for the whole family. Ddrops® are a simple, trusted and economical choice that can be used for infants, older children and adults too.

From the Ddrops® family to yours, join us in spreading the sunshine vitamin just one drop at a time. Shine bright and drop on!

About Us

At Ddrops Company, we are passionate about vitamin D! Ddrops Company is 100% Canadian-owned and operated, and was founded in response to a need for a simply better way to provide vitamin D. Our research and development is geared toward developing and marketing safe, effective, convenient and economical forms of vitamin D supplements under the Ddrops® brand.

Ddrops® Company has high standards for all products. Ddrops® products are manufactured in government licensed GMP facilities in Canada, and hold NSF product certification worldwide. Ddrops Company follows the good manufacturing standards common in the industry, and takes steps beyond these high standards to ensure that our product is consistent, safe and of the highest quality.

If you have any concerns or feedback for us, please feel free to drop in on our online conversations, contact us at 1-844-4 Ddrops (1-844-433-7677) or email us at

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